QuoteComposer: create content for your online business

QuoteComposer.com is an interactive quote maker for business and entertainment. It turns your media content into editable and reusable formal objects. Say goodbye to static images and use this lightweight tool to make your media content dynamic.

Product Description

Let’s say you need to organize an event and want to let your facebook page followers know about. Usually you hire a designer and tell him to create a poster for you, or you open Photoshop or some other high cost complex software yourself and start struggling to make that piece of content. And you end up with something like this

Then the next time you need to organize another event. Everything is the same except few details. Time is different and the event name has changed. You find your designer. Ask him to send you something similar. He hasn’t kept the original files though. It’s getting complicated. Eventually he sends you something similar. You post it. But you are not satisfied and you tell him to be more attentive and keep the files for the next time. He however argues that you remember him once in awhile and usually do not provide that kind of support for not frequent clients. You are mad.

The next time however you find a more modern designer. She creates the template with QuoteComposer and sends you the link http://quotecomposer.com/quote/Create?quote_id=2742
She shows you in 5 minutes only how to use this tool. After 5 minutes you are an expert of QuoteComposer and can teach others how to use this quote maker. The next time you enter the link , change the time , color,move some objects, rotate some icons, add an opacity and end up with something like this.

You are happy and you saved time and money.

The tool has plenty of photo filters than can make your images nicer or more artistic. There are also advanced photo adjustments which can be used by users more experienced in photo editing. The library of stickers is unique and relatively big. Fonts are modern and stylish.

Except being great tool for content making general, QuoteComposer has a focus on making quotes. It has a big database of saying of famous people. You can select one of those saying or express your own idea. The ideas that are marked as public are then displayed in a public timeline where users are able to rate and like them.

If you are a registered user you will have your own quotes page where you can always return and continue working on your draft quotes. Registered users are also able to delete their public quotes at any moment. Although the tool allows quote saving even for guests, not registered users will not be able to delete their posting later. Those posting however may be deleted later by the system itself.